Bath House

Hydrotherapy - Is the application of alternate hot and cold water on part or all of the body. This ancient art of healing has been recognized and refined by many cultures of the world old and new.
Hydro therapy benefits the body in several ways. The application of heat increases blood circulation to the skin, muscles and extremities.
This blood carries healing oxygen to outer cells of the dermis improving skin texture and glow, while removing toxins and impurities and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
Application of cold water then closes the pores and sends the blood back to the center of our bodies ... while there it collects more toxins from our liver, kidneys and muscles ... a second application of heat draws the toxin laden blood back to the surface of the skin where it releases the toxins in the form of perspiration.
This process of hot and cold application repeated several times can relieve the kidneys of 24 hours work ... no wonder it leaves you feeling so good. A total cleansing inside and out.
The gentle pressure and heat of the spa waters softens muscle tissue.
Combined with increased blood flow to joints this facilitates the removal of accumulated toxins in these areas which in turn relieves joint and muscle pain.

The tranquil gardens of Shimizu are the
perfect antidote to modern day living.
A secret oasis tucked away in the heart of Coomera,
you'll be forgiven for thinking you're in another world.
Experience it for yourself ...


Bath House

1 Hour Relaxation $30    
( Swimmers and towels required for Bath House. )


 (07) 5580 0797




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